Saturday, March 15, 2014

Doggy Doo and Don't

As I sit here looking out the bay window I notice the snow slowly melting. This reminds me of spring cleaning. Not the household spring cleaning, because I'm domestically disabled, but the Great Day Of Dog Crap Pickup. A winter from hell has been wonderful masking the tremendous amount of shit in the yard. I love my dog so much that I thought who wouldn't want to clean up after his fecal matter? I instantly thought of Teen. He wanted the dog so bad, so he can be, as he called it " an excrement exterminator, waste warrior, poop paladin, and a fecal fighter"
Have I shared yet that my kids are extreme smartasses? I totally blame their parents! 
Anyway, pretty sure the day of the poop patrol Teen will lift a hefty bag of crap, and in turn get a hefty reward. So, until then, I'll stare out the window thinking of Teen pick up poo and continue to giggle until dinner. 

Here is a few pics of the poop pup


  1. I commiserate. Unfortunately, I am the only one who tends to this noxious duty!

  2. The accidental pooper in ur selfie still cracks me up