Thursday, March 13, 2014

My day....seriously

 My day started out normal...take Bubba to the bus stop freeze my nose hair. You know no biggie. Oh by the way. Michigan weather is an asshole. 
Anyway head to my folks for a visit. They have a dog that is insatiable about her stupid tennis ball. She likes to shove the stupid slimy ball into your crotch and you have to squeeze your thighs together for her to release it. So after a gazillion tosses of said slimy ball, I am getting irritated.  I decided to throw the ball at wicked speed to show the dog I'm done. Well of course it hits the wall 3 ft away and bounces and smacks me straight in the face, knocks my glasses off. Parents and niece cracking up and the dog waiting for me to get the ball. Good times.
So after the ball to the face incident, things seem better. Get to work and for some reason my belly button itches! A volunteer wanted me to test some mayo to see if I thought it was still good, well I thought it was and then my tongue went numb. (Random thought: puppies breath makes my nose and mouth numb too, is that normal?)  Anyway, the conversation turns to my hatred of Michigan State and then going cow tipping...not making this up. Finally, I get a prank call from friends talking about donuts shoved up buttholes. Who prank calls anymore???? And there is still time in my night for more bizarre antics. What are the odds that shit like this happens. 
ps my belly button still itches.
Until the next adventure of a day in the life of me. (Thought you might enjoy this picture of the wiener mobile)

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