Friday, March 28, 2014

Thai food and glitter poo.

The weirdest things seem to only happen to me. I mean I know it happens to other people but I haven't heard of it so I am assuming it's just a me thing. I ordered chicken pad Thai mild plus spice. (Don't judge me I'm a wimp with spices) I am scarfing my food down while on a conference call about a training I was going to do in a few hours. It was already a long was essential. All of the sudden the spices tickled my throat and I start to cough, I mean horrid cough, choking cough. I keep whispering I'm ok and finally I have a huge cough and two rice noodles come out my nose...and hang there. Seriously, I pulled rice noodles with mild plus spice from my nostrils. It was hilariously gross. I shared with who I was talking to and I know it was so disgusting but I could stop laughing. I kept blowing my nose and more and more bits came out. At this point I'm choking from laughing. I gain my composure to finish the call and found a nice corner to process what happened.  It was so random and weird I am still giggling from it. But most importantly I completely grossed Gunz out by retelling the story! Mission Accomplished! 

Here is something I found on Pinterest to give the person who has everything!!! 

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