Monday, March 24, 2014

Watch out world my mom got an iPhone

So my mom got an iPhone on Thursday "Well it was free. Why not?" She says. I'm here to give you some awesome insight to the world of a 74 year old mother trying out her iPhone. The day she got it to set up I go to visit, which I do about 3-4 times a week, and she is all prettied up. She was excited about her new phone she exclaims "I even did my hair so I can take a selfie!" My nephew 'goldilocks' and I immediately tweet and post what she said. Of course she wanted fb on her phone which my Hubs  Gunz installs along with her banking and email. She loves Candy Crush so of course that had to be on there as well. ( all jokes aside my mom is pretty badass with her technology) I also showed her how to 'favorite' numbers so she can just find them easily. Of course I only did mine because that's how I roll and my other siblings can do theirs if they want :D. Later in the day I get a call from Mom, I answered it excited to hear from her and it's just background noise, I think she was at the grocery store. I shout, I yell but she obviously butt dialed me. I send her text message and she said she thinks she butt dialed 10 other people so far. 
Oh mother, bless your heart. 
The next day I check in on her progress and she explained that she FaceTime people and seemed excited except she didn't know how she did it. I love her! Sunday comes along and we always go to mom and dads for dinner. This time my sister and her kids and my brother and his family were there so some of the quotes were priceless to me. 

Show me how to screenshot
Can you beat this level of candy crush for me?
Is that a trash can?
Why is Shelly so big??? (She accidentally zoomed in on a photo)
How do I answer a call?
Do I push the red thingy to hang up?

As you can see she is so precious! 

If you don't know me or my family here is a little insight, no one is ever wrong and we use our smart phones to look up everything to prove ourselves right. It's what we do. 
I was looking up something earlier in the day on my moms safari, something about Mercer University and where it's located. So while playing cards we were still talking about it and my mom was so excited to look it up on her phone. Without remembering I used her phone to look it up she was surprised that the phone knew what she was thinking to look up because Mercer was already loaded in her safari! My brother, being the equal smartasses as I am, said "yes mom, the new phone can guess what you are thinking!" 
Needless to say, my mother has an iPhone and that's so rad, and I am seriously proud of her. She's a smart lady and will have this phone down in no time.
I snapped a shot of her using the front facing camera. Isn't she adorable!

I love you mom!! 

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