Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Wow, Welcome back to ME!

Dang, it's been 2 1/2 years since my last blog. I know I know, shit got real in 2014! But happy to report that I am cancer free and feeling damn fine.

So, here I am. Jen James. Who the fuck cares? Well I care, I'm here and ain't going anywhere!

I got to go to this amazing Palooza style event in Austin Texas, which was hosted by my work, Crisis Text Line. So many incredible individuals collected together in one space.

Truth be told, I was nervous AF. I knew these people only online or on our platform. I wanted to see them but really truly didn't know what to expect. As the Crisis Counselors gathered at the check in table I could see the excitement on their faces when they saw me! I was excited to but until they had a name tag on I was lost.
Let's face it, I'm a hugger and not everyone is a hugger. I did all I could to respect that. But THANK the baby Jesus that the majority were huggers too!
I received the most amazing, beautiful hugs. It made all me fears melt away.
I also received some pretty rad little gifts. Just the outpour of love and emotions was insane.

Oddest, and most memorable gift was from a CC named Kim. She gave me an eggplant emoji shaped vibrator. I mean. How hilarious right? Kim is like a soul sista, and we would chat all the time on the platform and on FB, and so it wasn't as far fetched of a gift, but it was certainly a surprise.

I got to share my survivor story with all of the Crisis Counselors. I never shared it publicly before.I shared the stories of my birth, my suicide attempt and my cancer kickassery. The warm reception afterward was so incredibly supportive, I 'almost' cried. I don't cry easily.

What I took away from Palooza was this: Every single person there had the most empathetic soul on the face of the earth. The diversity that Crisis Text Line has in our volunteers and staff is insane! The love in this community is nuts! We need more people in the world like our Crisis Counselors. I adore them all and I know that they will be the force that changes the world. If you are interested in Volunteering check out the main website www.crisistextline.org/volunteer

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