Friday, February 24, 2017

Holy Crapballs

I'm so honored to be speaking at that #BlogHer17 Conference this year! I will be there representing Crisis Text Line, my lived experience in mental health and also me and my so called blog! Aw SHIT! I haven't been up on my blogging. I guess I should start writing daily. Yea, I said Daily, you may get an influx of unwanted information from me. My so Called Blog...thoughts reeling here, should I go with the very early 90's esq of the show My so Called Life, within my blog? I have so many things that have happened in my life. Majority of it is comical. And if it wasn't it eventually became comical.
As, I'm typing this out, I'm laying in my bed, my sanctuary, I kid you not I could just build walls around this and live comfortably for the rest of my life. Of course, my family wouldn't be so happy about that. But while laying here tick tick tick away at the laptop computer I have the nastiest chest cold. My hubs says I sound like Donald Trump, "I am the best at having colds, nobody does colds better than me...". I feel I have a bit of the Kathleen Turner vibe going on right now, but as my friend Fred mentioned, she would slap me for making that comment.
All my blogs are so random, so unnecessary, so silly! But I really want to be able to produce things that you like, that you want to hear from me. Let me know how I can entertain you!!!!

I only have so many poops and butt jokes to go around. Though, if you know my family you know that it can become an endless source.

And scene.

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