Thursday, March 9, 2017

Woman and that time of the month...Yep that's what I typed!

Some days I can't blame my mood on my mental illness, not that I do all the time. Some days when I'm extra emotional and let's face it, bitchy, I forget that the next day most likely Aunt Rose will come to visit. Gosh, she's such a bitch.

Periods suck. I get it, it's all part of being a woman blah blah blah. They still suck. I mean who really likes having a Tiger basically rip the shit out of your uterus. I know I don't!

Some women celebrate surfing the crimson tide thinking, YAY, not pregnant this month. On the opposite end, some women cry because they are NOT pregnant this month.

It's really a fickle bitch. Seriously!  Shark Week is just a pain in my ass and well uterus. I should have known it was coming when I pretty much bought every single chocolate Easter candy at the store last night. I should have known that this morning I would be riding the cotton pony. But hey, I'm healthy I suppose.
Trying to smile along and just deal. So, if I have been mean or incredibly snarky, I'm sorry. Sorry not sorry. I'm totally blaming cousin Red for giving me such pain.

Ok ok...I have run out of all the slang for a menstruation cycle, so I will bid you adieu!

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